Sustaining Supplies, and YOUR impact on our world of dog rescue.

Written By Cam Thompsen

Cameron Thompsen is the founder and owner of Hope2K9 Foundation.

You guys are amazing. You truly represent all that is GOOD in this world; when caring folks do what they can with what they have, to ease the suffering of others, the positive ripple effect is astonishing. We need ALL of this so desperately in our country right now. Eh hem. And there is literally no gesture too small to keep these trains running.

Kate and I received your latest rescue donation packages last night when we were on our way to grab a late bite to eat after a long day at work. By the way, the new kid isn’t sleeping (send caffeine!), we have dogs we’re VERY ready to see move on to their forever families, and we have shed some tears for dogs we wish we didn’t have to let graduate out of here, because they’re just too dang awesome. So, it’s been quite a week. Anyway, we actually sat chatting for a while about the contrast of receiving your packages, feeling your cheerleading, and doing this work, compared to our prior experiences in service industries – where daily incidents could be recounted of selfishness, rudeness, greed, entitlement and impatience. Those grey clouds just don’t exist in this realm; and while there are definitely clouds, they are not the sort that hover and crush your purpose, they are the sort that only inspire it.

We are so honored to literally *feel* your support and enthusiastic validation of our efforts with every delivery, message, email, and donation. Your solidarity with our mission to rescue, rehab, and rehome needy dogs, as well as to impact dog owners in a way that benefits the whole of their lives, is downright magical and humbling. I told Kate she should really share some of her thoughts and insight around transferring to a career in dog rescue, because she has the advantage of having experienced this most extreme contrast more recently than I have, but we both see it so clearly.

This is important and necessary work, but we cannot do it alone. We take you all with us to every shelter visit, on every adoption meet and greet, during every free community training class, and especially at all hours while cleaning all manor of messes. So THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time, clicking the links, sharing the posts, placing your orders, grabbing your wallets and digging so deep to send even the most simple of sustaining supplies. Flea meds and quality probiotics… cherished. Can you imagine feeling that way about something like this?? It’s a bloody brilliant way to own your days, and win your life… let me tell you.

Your “love notes” are like manna from heaven, and we send all that love right back to you every chance we get.



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