Adopt a rescue dog with confidence

Written By hthompsen

Want to adopt a dog, but intimidated by the unknown history? YOU SHOULD BE!
There’s a lot of beauty in dog rescue, but there can also be a lot of risk. As much as the bleeding heart community wants to convince you there are no bad dogs, or that all you need is love, the #adoptdontshop movement is dangerous for a million reasons we’ve personally and professionally encountered.
Dogs are animals, not “shopping” with fair and realistic expectations puts you at a very high risk of choosing a second-hand dog for the wrong reasons, and/or missing important signs to set you and your canine up for long term success.
Wanna know the truth? Even seasoned dog people, professional dog trainers(!), and long time fosters and rescuers have chosen a few bad apples along the way. Rescues simply cannot, and do not “save them all.” Dogs are actually euthanized quietly/publicly, can require THOUSANDS of dollars in training/boarding/fostering, or are sent to “other” places where groups feel training, management, or even marketing will be more successful.
It’s a learning process for all involved, and most of that learning is INTERNAL, because to be better at dog rescue requires having really good and EMOTIONALLY OBJECTIVE #boundaries, as well as much higher standards. Standards should be high for the temperament of the dogs, and for the mindset of humans adopting. Standards should be high for the time and training provided at both ends of the leash, and for the long term commitment to dogs and adopters.
We don’t advertise perfect dogs, because there really aren’t any in “rescue.” There’s a reason dogs end up in shelters and in need of rehoming, and while some reasons are more ridiculous or independent of the dog itself, MOST are truly not. Are some second-hand dogs easier to live with and more suitable as pets than others? Absolutely. Some dogs are more reverent, soft, correctable, vigilant and socially confident, while others are more NATURALLY and genetically defensive, fearful, selective or driven. We are not perfect, and neither are the dogs, but year after year, lesson after lesson, we truly endeavor to select, foster, train and support GOOD dogs.
Please #adoptandshopresponsibly and consider a trained dog. Our program may come as a surprise to many when they see the cost or process, but we have worked hard through the years to design a successful solution to the problem of unwanted dogs. By adopting a trained dog through our San Diego based dog rescue organization, you’re investing a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be required to know the dog you bring home is trained, vetted, and has been thoroughly evaluated in a family home environment. Our dogs are crate trained, leash trained, almost always remote collar trained for long term off leash reliability, and we’ve fostered these rescued dogs for many weeks with the intention to know them well, and match them effectively.
Reach out if you have more questions about our adoption program, and if you don’t see a dog available that fits what you’re looking for, send an adoption application so we can pull and match directly for you.


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